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I’ve always been fascinated by fragrances. I love how they can instantly recall a memory and bring you back to a long forgotten time. Perfume is a kind of art. That’s why I chose unique signature scents I discovered in Dubai. Personally, I found they met all my expectations of what a good perfume entails. I created my brand in collaboration with experts in niche luxury fragrances, who work with the finest ingredients in the world. Their professional perfumer helps me turn my inspiration into reality. This is how Coisy B was born.


I combined the experience I gained in fashion and sales thanks to my own former boutique store with the skills I acquired through my art academy degree to launch my own perfume line. I look forward to sharing my exclusive and luxurious perfumes with you and I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Let’s make new memories together!



Excited to complete your perfume collection with the perfect scent? Drop by one of our partner shops in Atelier VIC (Kortrijk), Argus (Waregem),

  WINK'l (Latem), Introspection Perfumery (Lipperscheid, Luxemburg), House Of Tailors (Oostende) or ParfuMaria Parfumsalon (IJsselstijn, the Netherlands). Get in touch to have them delivered to your doorstep!

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